Oliver The Road is nonprofit organization created in hopes of inspiring mental and physical health through outdoor adventure.




Oliver & Co are going to ride bicycles along America’s Mother Road to raise awareness for OLIVER THE ROAD on our first adventure as a charity.


Starting at the beach in Los Angeles, we’ll cycle through the desert, over mountains, and everything in between before ending in Chicago.

AUGUST 11, 2023

Why are we doing this at the hottest time of the year? Because it’s the only time we can! It’s going to be hot. The hottest time of the year in fact.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the launch of OLIVER THE ROAD, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting health, wellness, and self-love through movement. Our mission is to help more people live happier and healthier lives, and we believe that by getting people moving, we can make a significant impact in achieving this goal.

August 11, 2023, Oliver Flores, Erik Bragg, David Reyes, Anthony Alagna, Adrian Andrada, Seu Trinh, and Marque “Shrimpdaddy” Cox will embark on our third charity ride to serve those in need.

The OLIVER THE ROAD crew is going to ride bicycles over 2,400 miles along the iconic & historic Route 66, from Los Angeles to Chicago, to raise awareness and donations for The Airow Project.

The Airow Project is a non-profit organization in Washington State, serving individuals with disabilities through movement(biking, hiking, snowboarding, etc). A portion of the proceeds from this ride will support their year-round programming and work toward buying some handbikes.

As the founder and chairman of the board for OLIVER THE ROAD, this year is also really close to my heart because I celebrated my 50th birthday and it’s the 4th anniversary of receiving my new kidney.

If someone told me 4 years ago I would be riding across Route 66 in 35 days I would have just sat back down in my dialysis chair and gone back to sleep. Through movement (cycling) and a clean diet, this dream is becoming our reality.

I’m hoping this ride will inspire others to get up, move and make a difference in their own life.

Thank you!

Oliver Flores
Founder & Chairman of the Board


Totally, he’s our founder, Oliver Flores and and here’s the short version his story:

In 2016, as I began to slowly lose my eyesight, I was diagnosed with stage four kidney disease, hypertension, high blood pressure, edema, and stage four neuropathy (in my legs). This was all due to diabetes and the lifestyle I had been living. I knew I had to make changes; I knew I had to prove the Dr.’s wrong. So, for the next two years I did my best to find ways to exercise and create my new reality.

Because the neuropathy had become so bad, traditional exercise was out of the question; the pain was excruciating. Unfortunately, that also meant I was unable to skate… I had no balance and couldn’t feel my feet. That’s when I began to ride my bike as much as possible. With this change I stopped drinking, started trying every diet fad out there and even went on a raw diet for a month.

In August of 2018, after riding thousands of miles, going to hundreds of doctors’ visits, prescriptions, and needles in my eye(s), I lost my battle and my kidneys shut down. My only option was to be put on dialysis. For nine months I was in a chair from 4:00am – 8:30am, three days a week. But on March 8th, 2019, my mom gave me the gift of life for a second time; she donated her kidney to me. I remember telling myself I would never take my health or life for granted, ever again.

The next couple of years were rough. I was still extremely sick and carrying baggage from pre-operation. I knew that if I didn’t make drastic changes, I would destroy the kidney Ma Dukes had given me. Over 6 months I watched the wound that stretched across my waistline, heal, and planned my new chance at life.

Since I received the OK to move from my doctor, I don’t think I’ve stopped. Today, I no longer suffer from hypertension, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or edema; I am now also pre-diabetic. My balance and vision may never be what it was, but I have learned to adapt. My meds are down to five a day (from 20) and I only get one infusion a month (from two insulin shots a day). I do my best to stick to a plant-based diet, exercise, drink tons of water, and STAY IN THE MOMENT.

Through cycling I have found my legs and balance, again, creating a new love for exercise. Although I can no longer skate, my love for it will never go away.

Since my transplant in 2019 and with the help of some great friends, I’ve been able to raise close to 20k to help those in need. I have rolled over tens of thousands of miles and watched the sun rise more times than I can count, all from the seat of my bike. Movement, eating right, and never giving up has saved my life.

Today I would like to announce that my team and I are starting a non-profit: Oliver The Road.

Our mission is to help more by promoting health, wellness and well-being through MOVEMENT.

How Can I Support?

OLIVER THE ROAD is a nonprofit organization.
All of your donations are 100% tax deductible!